Global GeoPortal Map

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World view

In this mode all the licenses in use are displayed. Lands are colored to category, explained in the legend in the lower right corner. A pie chart gives a distribution of the different categories.

The license names can be hovered over, coloring only the countries which use it. A license can also be clicked on, which enables the license view.

This is the current view, shown in the background.

Portal view

This mode shows a selected license with a short summary, including a link to the license itself and all the countries who use the license. Colors are coded for category as shown in the legend.

Land view

If the cursor is moved over a country, the name of the country will pop-up and the name and licenses in use will be displayed as well as its neighbours.

If clicked on a country, the map will zoom in to the selected continent and will enable a more precise comparison with its neighbours.

To return to the world view, click on the selected country again, or click on the ocean.